Everything can be spoken in the language of technology!

AHC Makine has a sectoral experience that wants to have a say in Turkey's developing machinery industry. The main field of activity is the production of wood processing machines. In order to meet the changing needs of the sector, our company, which continuously increases its R&D investments and strengthens its corporate infrastructure, has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its quality and innovative machines.

Investing in tomorrow

As AHC Makine, we are an organisation with years of experience, taking firm steps towards taking a worldwide role. Since the establishment of our company, we have been producing, developing and exporting wood cutting, door sizing, CNC door processing, corner joining, machines and also aluminium cutting machines. With new investments, we increase the variety of machines and offer technological production opportunities that make our life and production easier.

We produce our machines in Bursa / Turkey. As long as our machines are in service, we provide worldwide service to our customers and ensure the availability of original spare parts and updates / modifications in accordance with the latest technology. The long life of our machines is our greatest pride. The machine equipment used is selected from the best materials and brands.

While taking firm steps towards market and technology leadership, our focus is always on the highest productivity with the lowest possible energy consumption. This success is based on many innovations and patents and the efforts of our professional team.

AHC Makine, the founder manages the company with great success.


With our corporate structure that respects the environment and is based on total quality, we offer smart and user-friendly machine solutions demanded by the sector. As a requirement of this mission, we are constantly scanning the sector, identifying local and global needs, expanding our staff of well-trained talented people and increasing our knowledge that will carry us into the future.


AHC Makine aims to be one of the leading companies in the future of Turkey's machinery industry. With the added value we produce for our country, it is our ultimate and continuous goal to be one of the only organisations that make a significant contribution to increasing the social and cultural wealth of our people.